Free of charge homosexual website

Free of charge homosexual website

Encouraged in order to famfamfam. com, individual website as well as internet play ground associated with Luton (UK) dependent creator Tag Wayne.

Man made fiber symbols — That is your own great deal

11: 11pm twelfth 03 2006

Following a hiatus with regard to web site improvements, I’ve invested some time tidying in the free of charge Man made fiber internet symbols, including some of the numerous asked for symbols along with a spread associated with other people to accomplish the actual arranged. The initial concept had been to include an additional 100 approximately as well as phone this each day, however the nearer I acquired in order to 1000 from the small points, the greater this experienced to allow it to be up to and including good circular determine.

Therefore right here all of us proceed, ‘ Edition 1. 3 a from the Man made fiber internet image arranged, along with 1000 symbols . such as statement symbols, a few brand new image symbols, a few little XHTML/CSS control keys, plus some equipment generate symbols. The actual give food to symbols happen to be introduced in to collection along with brand new regular, as well as just about all symbols happen to be compacted to reduce the actual filesize. With regard to my personal mailbox as well as my personal sanity, I am right now phoning this particular arranged total.

Proceed obtain the actual Man made fiber image arranged. They are free of charge, which means you don’t have any reason to not.

An additional 212 Man made fiber symbols

9: 47pm fourth Oct 2005

The actual free of charge image arranged may be obtaining fairly constant downloading for some time, with 500 from the small points, it’s fairly simple in order to speculate the reason why. Obviously, which has not halted a person gifted as well as starving designers requesting however much more symbols, as well as that ‘m We in order to decline? Between purchasing a swanky brand new ipod device nano, as well as laying during sex sensation instead sick, I’ve been attempting (moderately hard) to fulfill your own each and every image require.

Right now along with more than seven hundred symbols, as well as such as this kind of oft-requested symbols for example: customers within fits, move symbols that are not horrifically unsightly, press participant control keys, as well as document kind symbols (amongst others). Right here arrives ‘ Edition 1. two a.

Much more man made fiber symbols!

11: 55pm tenth Sept 2005

The actual suggestions about the man made fiber symbols had been completely unsuspected within quantity, but still completely warmed up my personal cockles. Many thanks for everybody that connected, blogged regarding, delicious’d, or even insulted me personally within the spanish language regarding all of them, and far because of the actual those who have began with them in certain (pretty great looking) web sites as well as internet programs. That is exactly what these people can be found with regard to, obviously.

Anyway, without having additional ado, I’m liberating the following edition from the Man made fiber symbols, the actual shockingly entitled ‘ Edition 1. 1 a. Right now that contains precisely 500 symbols.

I’m sorry in order to everybody that advised a good image that we havn’t obtained close to in order to producing however, look. More info concerning the man made fiber image arranged (and obtain link)

Following 8 Mint

0: 35am sixth Sept 2005

Some thing has to end up being fairly fascinating in order to persuade me personally in order to hold off rest, as well as data is often which point. Once again along with minty Shaun-Inman-flavoured information, my personal website has become wearing spinkee brand new Mint data working. All of the hoopla directed to some discharge day associated with tommorow these days (it is actually following night time, following all). that remaining me personally instead flatfooted whenever it had been launched earlier, just moments prior to We had been likely to obtain an earlier nights rest. Anyway, heres the examine associated with my personal very first actually Mint-tracked website strike (mysql, depressingly): The actual user interface is really beautiful, even though I am just a little sensitive within stating the actual miracles associated with Mint, the reason why that may watch for the publish later on after i ‘m much more conscious.

The actual set up offered me personally several problems, through rapidly hunting the actual signal attempting to search for my personal issue, We realized which i required the actual ADJUST priviledge setup with regard to my personal SQL person to set up ‘ Pepper’ (modules). There’s presently absolutely no suggestions upon difficulties such as this, this frequently explained it had been setting up good. The only real additional issue had been the actual somewhat jarring sensation when you initially stock up the actual statistics, the actual default spice up had been unloaded, leading to minor be concerned.

Lastly although, We reach go back to stunning rest. Composing Spice up will need to wait around.

Hopping along with Shortstat

9: 50pm fourth Sept 2005

Shaun Inman’s ShortStat software program is actually only addicting, particularly with the help of the actual PathStats expansion. However in no way someone to end up being satiated, as well as usually someone to end up being turned on through interactive visualisation associated with simply this sort of information, I’ve rapidly bumped collectively the actual TravelStats expansion, that shows the aimed chart from the webpages on the website, using the width from the outlines exhibiting the actual family member quantity of individuals who ‘hopped’ in between webpages. For any reside examine, go to http: //www. famfamfam. com/shortstat/hops. php (Requires java). The actual chart utilizes the actual prefuse interactive visual images toolkit. and also the information is definitely an XML document made by a brief hand-rolled PHP piece of software. It’s just about all just a little aimless right now, kept as well as items of chain as well as duct mp3, I’ll discharge the actual signal in the event that it appears as though anybody cares for you to really go to sufficient.

Within comparable information: Mint. the actual religious heir in order to ShortStat, is going to be evidently launched about the sixth, undoing all my personal hard(? ) function. Statistics software program isn’t greatly difficult to create, however because usually Mr Inman as well as buddies additionally have the ability to include that additional spikle associated with minty-freshness. Numerous writers happen to be evangelising their own beta duplicates, just about all oddly on a single day time, also it will appear fascinating. Not really which i ‘m peppermint-green along with jealousy whatsoever ( *wink* ).

Man made fiber image arranged launched!

10: 30pm 31st July 2005

One of many causes of lastly obtaining famfamfam. com on the internet may be the conclusion of the brand new, open-source image arranged with regard to web sites as well as internet programs. “ Silk” is really a sleek image arranged, that contains more than three hundred 16-by-16 pixel symbols within strokably-soft PNG structure, as well as developing constantly depending on demands through a person. These people function similarly nicely upon gentle as well as darkish skills, plus they do not price anything (release influenced through the Drunkey ♥ Adore image arranged ).

Rely on them for your heart’s content material, also keep in mind in order to depart suggestions with regard to improvements towards the arranged! More info concerning the man made fiber image arranged (and obtain link)

Banner symbols launched!

11pm thirtieth July 2005

Plenty of web sites as well as software program make use of information regarding nations, particularly internet programs that data or even person id. You might anticipate which attractive nation red flags will be plentiful, however getting Googled lengthy as well as difficult, We created hardly any. This particular, along with a 7 days along with small to complete, led to the next image arranged.

“ Flags” consists of 239 little banner pictures within each PNG as well as GIF structure, 1 with regard to almost every nation on the planet. It is just about all free of charge with regard to any type of make use of (although theyre not really large sufficient in order to influx close to in your nearby holidays).


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